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Business Telecoms

CBS provides telecoms solutions which help your business become more profitable.

For small businesses, a cloud-based phone system could be the most beneficial – with no up-front costs and pay for only what you use, this is a very cost-effective model. The cost of the system itself can be usually paid by a monthly subscription, rather than a lump sum one-off CAPEX payment. This helps businesses enormously because they can get big-business phone system features without the big price tag, and its also great for cashflow!

For those businesses which require a more comprehensive telephone system our Onecomms™ business pbx provides the best of both worlds. Connecting to both landlines and the internet, the system can be tailored exactly to suit your needs. Plus, great features such as call logging, call recording, faxing, call queues and voicemail to email all come as standard.

The Onecomms™ hybrid Voip system is usually very flexible and can be configured quickly and easily to your business needs, so if you need to change your working hours, or to instantly divert calls to a mobile, this can be done very quickly. If you need to change your onhold music , a welcome message or out of hours message again this is usually very quickly achieved with a few clicks of your computer mouse.

We specialise in providing business telecoms solutions that work for you in your business. By helping ensure you never miss a call, and enabling you to work from anywhere! Potential customers and sales are gained by utilising modern marketing techiques within your phone system and helping your business to become more profitable!



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