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SIP Trunking

SIP trunking

SIP trunking is the cost-effective and flexible alternative to ISDN.

SIP trunks are the means by which you can connect your office telephone system to the outside world, instead of using traditional BT landlines, you can use SIP trunking to make and recieve calls via an internet connection. There are a number of significant benefits that SIP trunking has over ISDN


SIP trunking is very similar to ISDN in that you can have multiple channels, and multiple phone (DDI) numbers on the same line. Unlike ISDN which has a relatively long lead time of several weeks, a SIP trunk can usually be set up in a matter of hours, if not minutes!  Whilst you have a fixed amount of channels on an ISDN line, you can increase or decrease the channels on a SIP trunk very quickly and easily as your business demands require.

Business Continuity

SIP trunking offers a flexibility that is not available through traditional ISDN. A number of possibilities can
affect how resilient your voice and data connections are. Unforeseen circumstances – such as damage to lines, moving offices or being unable to redirect calls, can be damaging to your business. SIP trunking minimises these problems and ensures you can keep working through every eventuality.

Number flexibility

SIP trunking supports your business by allowing you to decide which number you want to display on a call-bycall basis. Even if you’re making a significant move in location, or just wanting to grow your business without opening more offices, SIP trunking allows out-of-area geographic number ranges to be used – showing your business as local, despite being physically located elsewhere.

Cost Savings

The typical cost savings can be very substantial, line rental costs are a fraction of ISDN line rental, and call costs are typically 75% than BT’s standard calling rates, meaning that your telephone costs overall are much lower. SIP trunking also allows you to make free calls between connected sites, even international ones.


Typical Line Cost Comparison

Type of Line Installation Monthly Cost Year 1 cost Year 2+ Cost
4 Analogue Lines £300 £55.96 £971.52 £671.52
2x ISDN2 (4 channels) £498 £48 £1074 £576
SIP TRUNK 4 channels £95 £20 £335 £240
ISDN30 (30 channels) £1500 £360 £5820 £4320
SIP TRUNK 30 channels £95 £150 £1895 £1800

Prices excluding UK VAT at standard rate, for illustration purposes only. E&OE


Getting SIP trunking to work for your business is easy, even if you dont have a compatible PBX, we can provide you with a converter unit which will interface with your existing ISDN digital or analogue phone system. Our all-in-one service can provide the internet connection and SIP trunks as one complete package, making it much easier for you to implement into your business.




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