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Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre Optic Broadband, also known as FTTC or BT infinity is the newer faster type of broadband service available to small businesses.  However it is not yet available in every area, so access can depend on a number of factors

Fibre Optic broadband consists of connecting the local green telephone street cabinet to the exchange via a fibre optic cable. These cables have no electrical resistance as they carry light signals, therefore the speed of the service is not degraded by distance.  Speeds of up to 40Mb or 80Mb can be achieved by this type of connection. The “last mile” connection from the street cabinet to the premises is still copper telephone cable, so the final speed depends on the distance from the premises to the local cabinet. However as most street cabinets are within a few metres of each premises, very often the full speed can ve achieved.

Fibre Optic broadband is a much faster and more reliable way of connecting to the internet than standard ADSL broadband.

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