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Call Centres

The most important thing for a call centre is to improve efficiency, the need to quickly adapt as circumstances change….  with the Onecomms™ telephone system you have all the flexibility you need built in for when you need it.

Need to increase your call staff?  Our unlimited lines and extensions enables you to increase whenever you need to, without purchasing any additional licences or add-ons.

Need to route inbound calls at the flick of a switch?  Not only can we route calls automatically by date/time and caller ID, but we can also give you the facility to control where your incoming calls are routed at the press of a button!

Lines and call charges too expensive?  Heavy users such as call centres can benefit from using Voice over IP technology, allowing calls to be made via an internet connection.  There are huge cost savings to be made in this way, on average saving 75% on BT standard rates.

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