Android phone at risk of viruses

Android phone at risk of viruses

Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia are popular, so much so that they account for 75% of the UK smartphone market.

What many people dont realise is that their Android phone or tablet operates just like a PC and is susceptable to viruses, malicous software and phishing attacks. Why? Well the Android operating system is known as an “open system” which means anyone can change, adapt or improve the code for whatever they like. Whilst this often means some great improvements and addons for Android, it also means that unscrupulous software developers can write viruses and malicious code for the mobile operating system too.

However, whilst most people recognise its important to have Anti-Virus software on their PC’s to protect them, not many use the same protection on their mobile phone or tablet, which means they are wide open to attack.

Most attacks will come in from an email or from a bogus website. Quite often we click on these without thinking twice about it, but if your device had no anti-virus protection then you can easily be infected without knowing about it. Once infected your device can then start sending out copies of itself to everyone in your addressbook, or worst still log any usernames and passwords that you might enter and then send them onto gangs of hackers. Within no time at all, these gangs could easily have your usernames and passwords to email accounts, social media, and worst still bank and credit card accounts!

So, how do you stop this? Just like any PC, your Android device should have up to date anti-virus protection to stop any infection or attacks from occurring. Now its easier than ever to protect your mobile devices just by installing an app.

We’ve teamed up with ESET to provide Endpoint Security for Android. For a small monthly fee you can protect your device from any malicious code, viruses or phishing attacks. Whatsmore, we also protect your device if its lost or stolen – via a web control panel, you have the ability to locate, wipe or disable your device should you choose.

Why not try it out for yourself? Contact us for a free 30-day trial and have peace of mind that your device is protected 24 hours a day. Email or call 01617550066




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